The easy way to paint cabinets


Save money on your kitchen renovation. Paint your own cabinets with the Preval Sprayer. Smooth finish!


Our DIY-er, Kate, demonstrates how to paint cabinets the easy way. Get directions and see how it’s done!




You’ll need paint lacquer, thinner, a funnel and the Preval Spray System.




  • First, mix the lacquer and thinner to give your cabinets a nice, even coat that will dry quickly. Using a funnel, pour 4 parts lacquer and 1 part thinner into the Preval Sprayer jar. Cap, shake and attach the spray can.


    Note: Use a paint strainer for best results.


  • Begin spraying off the cabinet first, and then sweep the paint onto the surface. Remember to hold the sprayer at no more than a 45-degree angle.

  • Let the cabinets dry for at least an hour before installing them. If, during installation, you end up with dings or scratches, simply use the Preval Sprayer for quick touch ups.


When you’re done, cap the jar and store it for any future touch ups.


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