Approach Rachel Knigge’s artwork and you might see a distorted jumble. Yet, adjust your view and suddenly a clear picture forms. Knigge is highly skilled at creating 3-D anamorphic art — images that appear jumbled unless you know how or where to place your eye. She uses the Preval Sprayer, vFan Airbrush and custom-made stencils to create this mind boggling, perspective shifting artwork.


Having the right tools for the job is a must for professional concrete artists. Knigge uses the Preval Sprayer to apply solvent-based dye and water-based stains over the stencils. This is the base coat. She later adds fine details with the portable vFan Airbrush.


Based on the quality of artwork she produces, it comes as no surprise that Knigge has long honed her craft. She started out cutting concrete art stencils with Ameripolish in 2007. In 2009 she started her own company, FLOORmaps Inc, which supplies the decorative concrete industry. Concrete artists use FLOORmaps stencils to create custom logos, brick and stone patterns, borders, motifs and other decorative elements. Customers use the Preval Sprayer, and typically purchase extra jars, to apply the paint and quickly get the job done.


The Preval Sprayer comes with interchangeable parts that include the aerosol spray can and dip tube, along with a glass reservoir. Artists purchase additional glass jars to store a variety of individual stain and dye colors. This helps to speed the spraying process when it’s time to add additional colors to a design.


In addition to her business, Knigge trains emerging artists at concrete decor shows and on an individual basis. Part of her training includes ways to use the Preval Sprayer.


“Using the Preval Sprayer, it’s easy to switch between colors,” Knigge said. “Each color in a logo is isolated with the stencils we use. Time is money, and not having to clean up between each color is helpful. I’ve been using Preval products for over 10 years now through Ameripolish and Floormaps. It’s such an easy way for polished concrete contractors to get a logo on the floor quickly with no fuss or muss.”