Banksy Innovative Spray Art

Earlier this month, art lovers of the world were floored when Banksy announced his month long residency in New York: Better Out than In. His project and presence would be a revolutionary experience in color and spray art. For today’s color series, let’s talk more about the myth and the (anti) propaganda.


So what exactly has this legendary spray artist been doing on his month long journey through the streets of New York? It’s revolutionary, dear Watson. Let’s take a gander.


This first picture was posted today to his project. The quote is from “Gladiator.”



Next was something that caused headlines as some lucky shoppers in Central Park walked away with artwork well beyond what they paid for.



According his site, as a statement and experiment, Banksy set up a covert operation where signed original paintings were sold for the low price point of just $60.00. The stall, with only a sign that said “Spray Art” and operated by an inconspicuous and often bored looking elderly gentleman, didn’t even manage to sell “$500″ worth of art. One shopper haggled her way into getting two pieces at 50% below the price point. Another, a resident of Chicago, hit the jackpot as he purchased four pieces to decorate his home.


The whole day’s worth of traffic can be seen on this Youtube:



Yet another headline about Banksy’s residency was when one neighborhood decided to claim “ownership” of a piece done on a wall near them. According to various outlets, including the Village Voice, a few residents were covering the beaver and charging $20 to anyone who wished to view it. Below you will see a picture of this work courtesy of the artist’s own website.