As a new mom there’s something marvelous to be said about the quiet, warm tones of the world abound.

It’s the little things that highlight a day, a room, a space. The color of our lives is transformative. Today’s journey into color is about the hushed muted colors that are bold in their own rights without having to be bold.


Olive you more than you know it kid. And some might say the same about the color olive. This is true even if you don’t necessarily have an army background. Take this kitchen for example which combines olive and ivory tones done by UK group Howarth Timber.


ivory and olive kitchen


A rolling stone may not gather moss but moss and stone can collide on your home exterior and create a blissful oasis.


Greens, blues, and earth tones are integral into a peaceful design escape. Wash away your cares in a bedroom done in a misty shade of blue paired with a giant bar of chocolate indulgence.



Another serene escape in color is also blue but free of the worries and cares of its name. Elegance and serenity are encapsulated in this gorgeous and decadent combination of periwinkle and snow. Antiqued furniture and brass accents make for an absolutely wondrous space for relaxation.


But what oasis would be complete without having that place to soak? And with these next two bathrooms, you’re going to want to dive in. One more dose of blue sky will wash your cares away as you pour yourself into the big tub in this bathroom oasis.


Or about a honeymoon in color for your master bathroom? Using muted and warm tones you can be instantly transported into a bathroom rivaling a fancy hotel with just a few sprays of one of our vFan Airbrush Systems.


Did you know that home makeover projects can even be accomplished by the kids? Give mom a break she deserves and let the kids do the work (while supervised by dad). Look how this seven and nine year old make a small change in the kitchen to help free mom of their blues with this simple Ikea table revamp.




  • Martha Stewart’s toxic free paint
  • a wooden IKEA Table
  • a Preval Sprayer

Take a quick look at how even with just three simple ingredients, the kids helped further add to moms happiness.



Let go of the drama and chaos of using difficult and expensive systems to get the job you want done. All of the above looks are easily copied with the use of one of our Preval Sprayers, vFan Airbrush Systems, or the newest edition in our Preval family, the Gravity. Take the weight off your cares and place it on us. Breathe life into your project with the serenity it deserves.


How will you create the perfect quiet escape in your home? Will you seek comfort in the quiet of your bedroom, your bathroom, your kitchen or even the exterior? Where do you go to let go? Let us know. We’d love to hear about it.