Preval is the perfect solution to help restore those rusted tools and that neglected garden equipment. With the Preval Sprayer and Re-Grip, it is simple to make your tools new again.


For an old rusted tool, remove the rust and wear by first soaking the tool in a gallon of white vinegar over night. The next day, scrub off the rust with steel wool and then rinse the tool off with clean water and wipe it dry. Fill the Preval Sprayer container with rust-preventative metal primer and attach it to the Sprayer. Carefully spray the tool with the primer and let it dry. Next, fill the Preval Sprayer container with a gloss alkyd enamel. Use the Sprayer to spray the tool and make it look like new.


Next slip the Re-Grip over the handle of the tool. The elastic grip is held extended by an inner coil, forming a tube that fits over the handle. Finally pull the tab to unwind the coil which allows the grip to shrink and compress securely to size. Just slip, zip and Re-Grip. The old tool is now as good as new.


Re-Grip Instructions