A Peach-y Fall and Drippy Painted Pumpkin Adventure 2017

This year I thought I’d jump on it a little earlier, and with the weather still so warm, I wanted to go for a color story that was pop-y and bright. Now, those of you that have been following my blog know I’ve never really been one to stick with for standard “autumnal” or “Halloween” colors. One look into my archives for the past few Octobers and you’ll see what I mean! However, this year, I’m embracing more of the “orange” spectrum, but with a lighter twist. I’m going with … Peach!


When I paint my pumpkins, I prefer to use spray paint, because it’s just simple and fast. Unfortunately, finding the perfect shade of peach spray paint can be a challenge. Apparently peach is not that popular of a color and I found it hard to find the right shade. However, you can find all kinds of gorgeous tones of peach when it comes to interior paints. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use the colors found there and be able to easily spray it?


Well lucky for us, YOU CAN. Established in 1969, Preval is the industry leader for spray and touch up paint products. Now, I’m sure you might have seen those more industrial paint sprayers that many house painters use. Something of that size would be way too crazy and intimidating for my little pumpkin project, but Preval has the perfect solution- The Preval Sprayer. It basically consists of a small aerosol spray can that is attached to a small glass jar. You can put virtually any type of liquid or paint inside, push down on the top and it sprays out just like you would a can of normal spray paint!


Happy Mundane Article Featuring the Preval Sprayer