Almost all liquids and paints, including latex, laquer, water-borne, solvent-based and clear coats. The Sprayer is also ideal for atomizing primers, dyes, 2-component chemicals, tanning solutions and stains. You can use a Preval Sprayer in place of a professional spray system on automobiles, boats, helicopters, or pretty much anything you can imagine!

Whether you need to touch-up machinery, cabinets, or crown moulding, the Sprayer will achieve a precise spray job like no other portable sprayer in its class. Professionals will mix multiple chemicals and spray 2- and 3-component epoxy, varnish and shellacs.

You can also use Preval for DIY projects, like stenciling or painting and making your own colored paints with wine or kool-aid on projects with your kids.

The Sprayer can even be used as a cleaning device.Simply add baking soda and water, and you’ll have a great eco-friendly household cleaner!