To clean your Preval Sprayer, simply spray paint thinner alone for 10 seconds. Paint thinner is the product used to condition the paint to allow for better spray flow. Thinners include water, acetone, mineral spirits and/or lacquer thinner. Whatever thinner you are using for your solution, you can also use for cleaning. Use the proper cleaning agent as specified by the manufacturer for the paint liquid you are using.

If you do not properly clean your Preval Sprayer you will have trouble using it in the future as any contamination will reduce the Preval Sprayer’s output or even clog it completely. If the Sprayer is clogged, put your finger on the red insert inside of the button nozzle and cover it.  While covering, press down on the button to force air to flow in reverse. The should clear clogs.If that doesn’t work. remove the product container by twisting it off the Sprayer, hold the Sprayer upside down and try to spray propellant.

Cleanliness is even more important on the inside of the button. If this occurs, please take off the button and soak it in thinner and use a Q-tip to clean around the insides.