What industry experts are telling us is Iwata’s Kustom TH is a competing touch up Airbrush which also features a fan spray pattern.  The main differences include:

  • vFan comes with a .9mm (tip, needle and cap) and is adjustable to .66mm and .38 mm heads Where as the Iwata Kustom is standard with a .5mm  – therefore vFan sprays thicker viscosity products, metallics, and more product flow.
  • vFan can go portable with our cans of 150 Feet of ENERGY and can work off of any electric compressor air source using  only .5 CFM where the Iwata requires 1.2CFM and must be used with an electric compressor only therefore the vFan is much more versatile
  • vFan Portable Airbrush System has a MSRP of $199.95 and the system includes an air hose, an additional needle , 3 product containers, tools, extra dip tubes, a regulator, and 2 cans of 150 Feet of ENERGY compressors and more, whereas the Iwata Kustom TH retails for around $400 and only comes with the airbrush therefore the vFan Portable Airbrush System is far less expensive.
  • vFan is a siphon fed system allowing for greater control of spraying most paints and coatings design for touch ups whereas the Iwata Kustom TH is a gravity fed unit with limited product control and mostly engineered for the crafting.
  • vFan is made in the USA – Iwata is made in Japan