1. Attach the one end of the air hose to the pressure regulator valve which is secured onto the 150 feet of energy.

2. Feed the other end of the air hose through the bottom of the EDU lid and Screw into the bottom of the airbrush.

3. Control air flow pressure by turning the pressure regulator valve clockwise.  Test spray vFan.  Adjust pressure regulator to meet the needs of atomizing the paint

4. Once adjusted, add room temperature water into the edu, 75% full of 750 ml, and submerge the 150 feet of energy into the EDU and secure the lid.

5. Edu will keep the 150 feet of energy from freezing up, for long lasting continuous spray.  After 5 minutes or so, or if you notice any inconsistencies with spray performance check the 150 feet of Energy can as it may be getting close to bring empty, evacuated.