Paint is not coming out of the vFan Airbrush consistently or not at all.

1) Tip may be clogged. Take the head assembly apart and spray it with 150 Feet of Energy to clean it. If that doesn’t work, clean with Q-tips®.

2) Dip tube is clogged. Take strainer off of dip tube and clean; spray 150 Feet of Energy through the dip tube.

3) Clean the vent at the top of the bottle with 150 Feet of Energy.

4) Email for more information.

Bubbles are going through the straw into the bottle.

1) Make sure head assembly is tightened with wrench.

2) Make sure O rings are in place.

3) Use wax or chopstick on tip threads to seal butter.

4) Make sure needle assembly matches with head. 

Example: Size 2 head needs to be with size 2 needle.

There is no pressure coming out of the vFan Airbrush. 

1) Check to make sure the regulator valve is sealed correctly and turned all the way down on 150 Feet of Energy.

2) Check to make sure the trigger is seated correctly.

3) Make sure hose has no kinks in it.

4) Disassemble the airbrush and reassemble, making sure all parts are in the proper place.

When I spray paint, the paint is coming out splattered or crooked.

1) Check the tip of the needle with a cotton ball to make sure the tip is not bent. The tip is fragile and can bend easily.

2) Check tip with cotton ball to make sure the tip is not cracked.

3) Clean entire airbrush thoroughly with 150 Feet of Energy. If there is paint that can’t be removed, you must soak the parts separately in solvents.