The patent application is focused around the functionality of the system. Because its only a patent pending we have to be careful discussing too much detail.

You wont find another system like this in the market. key features:

  • Comes with fan aircap and detail aircap
  • No compressor is needed but works very well with them.
  • The aircaps are interchangeable by simply screwing off and on.
  • The portable power units are also registered dusters making for cleaning up sanding debris a breeze.
  • Made in the USA with easily replaceable parts when needed
  • Sprays latex, clear coat, urethane, water based,and solvent based paints and industrial coatings like no other
  • Perfect professional touch up spray system with 1/16th” to 3″ fan.
  • Easy enough for a DIYer
  • Made of stainless steel and brass, innerpacking using solvent proof cpating
  • Packaging comes with built in display for retailers to use if they like, bilingual.
  • Priced below anything similar, see Iwata kustom airbrush as an example, of similar quality at a much, much higher price.