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Halloween Black Design

Happy Halloween everyone! Yesterday we took a cinematic trip into color. Today, we’re going to fade to black. Spooky or something, right?

So why exactly is black such a morbid color? Many cultures and customs wear black as a symbol of mourning their loved ones. Wearing black clothes is one form of paying your respects to a recently deceased loved one.


The secrets and the power of the color black are no mystery, even if some of its other associations may go unsolved. Black is often associated with the strange and unusual. Scenes and characters of power, violence, and unbridled evil all tend to favor the use of the color black. Much like my favorite character/black-haired doppelganger in Tim Burton’s “Beetlejuice.”

But don’t let the dark color fool you. Just because the color honors death does not necessarily mean there aren’t colorful personalities associated with this dark and spooky color. If you don’t believe me you can Ask A Mortician for yourself.


For now though, let’s explore some of the homes that have not been afraid to let some lack of color inside.


The more modern vampire or entrepreneur may love the color black as well. Notice how much drama is added with the combination of sleek glossed and matte black pieces.



Lastly, you can unleash your inner yuppie in this black and white elegant bathroom made for an American Psycho.


Will you choose to fade to black this Halloween in your home? With one of our Preval Sprayers, you can get spooky or classy in whatever style you can bat your eyes about. No bones about it.


Speaking of bones however, we have that covered too. In a scientific way of course. Want to know more? Stay tuned for yet another future spooky blog. Until then, we hope that you reach out to us and see all the awesome you can do throughout the seasons here as well as on our Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channels.