Using Preval products, Tanner Borland took a tired, rusted out 1971 Chevy Cheyenne from the junk pile to the showroom.




The restoration of the Cheyenne began with painting the rear suspension components using the Preval Sprayer with the vGrip handle. Next, the fire wall, box and dash of the truck were shaved, smoothed, and airbrushed using the vFan. Finally, the bed floor of the truck was sprayed using the Preval Sprayer and the details of wood grain were airbrushed using the vFan to create a realistic look of wooden bed strips.



TANNER BORLAND | Final Thoughts

The Preval Sprayer is handy because you can change colors relatively fast when painting and don’t have to clean out the gun each time. Just change the jar out and purge the color and you’re ready to go. It’s a real time saver. As far as restoration goes, this was my first major overhaul. There was a definite learning curve in many aspects. First and foremost, rust sucks! The countless hours of sanding, grinding, cutting, welding, seam sealing and undercoating was a struggle. All in all it was worth it in the end. When you lift the garage door and see that beautiful piece of machinery you created, it is worth the long nights, relationship strains and monetary struggles.


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