Coffee filter bouquet blooms from paint


Who knew coffee filters could be this versatile? Brighten your space with this Spring inspired coffee wreath accented with coffee filter flowers. With the Preval Sprayer, you can use any colors you’d like to make a wreath for any season.


Most tutorials tell you to dip filters into watered down paint. But spraying makes this project fast and far less messy.




  • Preval Sprayer
  • A 12″ foam wreath
  • 200 coffee filters
  • Craft Smart acrylic paint, “Citron”
  • Craft Smart acrylic paint, “Phthalo Red”
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Funnel
  • Water


Dye the coffee filters


Add 1 oz. of acrylic (water based) paint and 2 oz. of water to the sprayer jar. Cap, shake and attach the spray can.


Set aside 10 to 12 coffee filters, which will become the roses. Then, spray the rest of the coffee filters with the main wreath color. In our tutorial, we used Citron yellow. Spread out the dyed coffee filters to dry on scrap paper.


Next, spray the 10 to 12 coffee filters you set aside with Phthalo Red, or another shade of rose.


Make coffee filter roses


When these filters are dry, cut a spiral shape from the outside edge to the center, leaving a circle in the middle. Roll the tail end up all the way to the center. Then, glue the circle to the bottom of the rolled paper. For best results, cut and roll two coffee filters together. This results in a bigger bloom.


Create the wreath


For the remaining coffee filters, fold each one in half. Then, fold again, crumple and fold the pointed end up. Hot glue these filters to the wreath form. The closer together they’re glued, the more full the wreath will be.


Note: Use a low-heat glue gun to protect your fingers from burns.


Leave room for gluing on the rosebuds, and a small empty space in the top center, where you’ll wrap ribbon to hang the wreath.


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