Los Angeles street spray art


A trip to Los Angeles will net you the pleasure of viewing an amazing sprawl of spray art.

Street Art 2

Some of it is inspiring. Some of it is reminiscent of old Hollywood. Some of it is… just outright silly. Here are a few examples of some of these colorful masterpieces around Los Angeles found in the exploration of yours truly.


Remember our space DIY project? The materials for the project were purchased here. Perhaps it was a bit serendipitous.


Street Art 3

You will find as you go through the city that every neighborhood has their own spins on street art. For today’s showcase, all of the images you will see today were taken on the West side of Los Angeles.


Meanwhile, not far from West Los Angeles Graphaids, a baseball lover perhaps from the midwest was responsible for this piece of found art. Fellow Chicago baseball fans may get a kick out of this stencil found on the streets of West Hollywood.


Street Art 7

Another popular form of street art is the application of wheat paste to posters and scattering these images throughout the city. Here is a gorgeous illustration wheat pasted poster found in West Los Angeles. Curious about the wheat pasting process? You guessed it, we’re going to be showing you how to do that soon.


Walking along Venice Beach will net you more than just a few fish. Venice has some spectacular street art varying from murals to stencils. Keep reading the blog as there are more fun antics planned over at Venice Beach when I will be bringing the vFan Spray System with me to find out just how the pros do it.


Street Art 8

Venice is also a place to be inspired. From the surf culture to the beat boxers (yes they still are there) to the weight lifters to those who make their marks on the ground where only the ones fortunate enough to pay attention will gather inspiration…


How will you be inspired by street art? Do you have a favorite spot you like to view, or even post your own? We’d love to know.. and help. All of the street art viewed on today’s edition is easily done with one of our Preval Sprayers or vFan Spray Systems. For more information on just how to do some of it, this last picture taken in the Melrose district may give you an idea of what to do to find out how.